Information for Portrait Sessions

What to expect

The Sitting
All sittings are done in a very relaxed, unrushed manner with an hour to an hour and a half being assigned to each booking. This ensures that no-one feels under time pressure and everyone can relax.

With children, often the best images are caught at the beginning of the sitting before they get tired so it’s preferable that they arrive dressed in the outfits that you want them to wear for the sitting. Please feel free to bring a change of clothes for children if you would like some shots taken in different outfits. A change of top is always advisable to have, especially for young children and babies.

Children tend to look best in bare feet, so wearing loose fitting socks or tights in the hour before the shoot helps to prevent leaving sock marks around the ankles.

For adults, either bare feet or dark socks works best. No shoes are permitted to be worn on the backdrop.
Don’t worry about how best to sit or pose for the images. I will talk you through all of that during the shoot and will demonstrate positions to sit or stand in myself if required. However, if you have a favourite pose or way of interacting with your child, please be sure to let me know and we will incorporate that into the shoot.

Where possible, there is no food or drink allowed during the sitting, except for baby feeds.
Clients are asked not to use their cameras/mobiles/video cameras during the sitting.

All images are taken as High Quality Professional Digital Raw Files. This ensures the highest quality image and allows digital enhancements if required. Basic enhancements to ordered prints are included in the costs.

What to Wear
Casual works best with plain, uncluttered clothing.
Avoid strong patterns or tops that have slogans or pictures on them. Easily identifiable patterns are fine, such as checks or stripes. But plain and simple often looks best, especially in family and group shots. It's important that the everyone is comfortable and feels themselves in the chosen outfits.

For group, family or sibling shots, toned colours work best. The main thing for group shots would be to avoid wearing strong colours or patterns that clash with each other. Again, keeping it plain and simple works best. Denim with plain white/grey/black/pastel tops on everyone can look great and emphasises the individuals.

What to Bring
Change of clothes, if wanted. A spare top is advised for young children or babies.
A change of outfit or two for young children if different images are desired.
A favourite toy or book (just one or two familiar toys can help relax a shy child).
Hairbrush or comb
Baby wipes, although don’t worry if you forget these as I always have a ready supply.

The Viewing
Viewings are held a week to ten days after the sitting. You will be able to view your images on a large, professional, photographic monitor that has been accurately colour calibrated to ensure highly accurate colour and detail.

The viewing is best done at a time when a babysitter can be arranged for any children as that will ensure a more relaxed viewing where you can really enjoy the experience. Please allow about an hour to an hour and a half for the viewing.

We can also go through a sample of framing ideas and I can advise you on what I think works best.

Your chosen images will then be professionally edited and colour proofed before being sent to my professional printer for printing and mounting. All frames are hand made and are custom made to order. Your images should be ready for collection approximately three weeks from the viewing date. As soon as your order is ready, I’ll text or email you to let you know and we can arrange a time that suits for you to collect them. Prices start at €70 for a 7in x 5in mounted print.

All images ordered will also be given to you as a low resolution digital file for use as screen savers for mobile phones. These images will have my watermark and copyright on them and are not suitable for printing.

50% of the costs of your order will be due when your order is placed with the balance due on collection.

Repeat prints
I store and back up all copies of images that are ordered so that they can be reprinted again at any time in the future if you wish. Any images that are not ordered at the viewing are deleted.

Newborn Sessions
Newborn sessions can also be booked. For Newborns I allocate three hours to each session. This allows the baby to sleep and to be fed and relaxed throughout and makes it a more relaxing experience for both baby and Parents.
Newborn sessions are best booked for when your Newborn is between 3-14 days new so please contact me when you know your due date so that we can schedule a date that suits. Packages can be tailored on request. Please contact me for further details and pricing.

Passport style head shots
I can provide you with 6 identical passport sized head shots that meet regulations (No smile!). These are professionally edited and printed and can be ready for collection in about a week.

LinkedIn/Professional Head shots
I can provide you with two different professional digital files, in both colour and black and white, for use on professional sites. These can be professionally edited and emailed to you within a week.

Gift Vouchers are also available for purchase and make the ideal present.