Landscape/Seascape Photography Workshops and Photo Tours

Do you want to improve your photography and take it to the next level?
Do you want to learn how to take your camera out of auto mode and understand how to use manual settings?
Would you like to find and explore new locations and get tips on how to obtain the best images from these new locations?

I run 1-2-1 and small group landscape and seascape workshops and photo tours that are tailored to all experience levels. I run both full day and half day workshops/photo tours . A full day is typically 8hrs and a half day is 4hrs long.

1-2-1 and small group workshops are tailored to meet the requirements of each individual or group.

Things that can be covered can include:
- Apps and information used to preplan a shoot
- Identifying locations and learning when best to visit them to maximise photographic opportunities
- Understanding the importance of composition and tips to help improve your compositions
- Understanding light and how it affects your images
- Learning about the importance of a sturdy tripod and remote cable releases
- Camera settings
- Taking your camera out of auto mode and into one of the Manual modes, Av, Tv, M
- Understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and iso
- Understanding and mastering focus and sharpness (auto focus, manual focus, hyperfocal distance)
- Learning how to capture movement in your images
- Understanding and learning how best to use filters
- Mastering long exposures and Bulb mode
- Basics in post processing, from screen calibration and colour settings to developing a post processing workflow
- Understanding colour managemnet and the importance of it in your post processing workflow
- Basics in Photoshop, Lightroom and Nik Software

Please contact me for further details and pricing. Gift Vouchers available for any of my Workshops and make the ideal present.

+353 87 2988642

Disclaimer: All participants who take part in any workshop or photo tour will be deemed to acknowledge that they are individually and solely responsible for their own health and safety and the safety of their equipment. Whilst I always endevour to ensure that workshops are held in a safe environment, I accept no responsibility/liability for personal injury or damage to personal belongings and camera equipment whilst on the workshops/ phototours.