Ten Inexpensive accessories that could make your life a whole heap easier

Ten inexpensice accessories that could make your life a whole heap easier.

1)Lee Filters white adapter ring caps
You get three caps for about €10 and for me they are a complete no-brainer. I leave the filter rings permanently on my lenses and then have these caps in place so that the lens is protected at all times when not in use. Having the filter ring in place all the time makes life so much easier when you get to a location in the near dark to set up for a sunrise shoot. Add cold/wet/windy weather or all of the above and trying to thread a filter ring onto a lens in the dark can be like trying to put a straight jacket on to an octopus, although please don’t try the latter!

2) Mini plastic containers
These can be used to store things like your Hahnel remote trigger, which is handy as they are an expensive little accessory to lose. The other benefit of the container is that it prevents the units switching themselves on by accident, as can happen if they are just left loosely in your camera bag.I also use one for the skyport for my Elinchrom lights and there is space to hold two spare batteries....just to be sure to be sure!

3)Neck strap- like a Euro!
I have my Hahnel remote on a neck strap as they are the type of thing that can easily slip from your hand or that could be left down somewhere and forgotten about. I also have one on my colour checker passport and many other things. Basically, anything that is smooth and easily dropped and that has a little hole that can take a neck strap, gets one! Alternatively you could go with a wrist strap.

4) Multi tool
Small, multi function, tool that has different screwdriver heads/knife/scissors etc. Handy to have. Many remotes and other accessories have battery covers that are held in place with little screws. That’s not the end of the world if you’re at a local location but a bit of a pain if you’ve gone away for a weekend or a few days and the battery dies. Just remember to remove it from your camera bag for international travel as it will probably not make it through security.

5) Cable ties, Bungee, Velcro straps, Elastic bands and some Carabineers
There is very little that can’t be temporarily fixed using the above.

6) Dry bag/ resealable ziplock bags
I have dry bags of varying sizes....not all come with me everywhere. But I have a medium sized one that my Lee Filter Pouch goes into if the weather is bad or I’m by the sea. I also keep most of my accessories in individual ziplock bags, such as spare batteries, lens cloths, etc

7) Ibuprofen tablets
There’s nothing worse than being on location and having a bad headache hammering away in the background. I bring Ibuprofen as they have an anti inflammatory agent in them that would also help with strains and aches. Not to be taken on an empty stomach.....muesili bar can come in handy!

8) Muesli bar
They have a long shelf life and are small and individually wrapped. Good to take the edge off hunger.

9) Op/tech Rainjacket for camera
I am not a fan of shooting in the rain but sometimes the weather changes and you’re caught out in it. If it’s just a passing shower, then you can get some nice light by just taking shelter and waiting for it to pass. I have a set of two Op/tech clear plastic rainsleeves in my bag. They are big enough to completely cover my camera and long zoom lens and can also be used if the camera is on a tripod. As they are see through, it’s also very easy to operate the camera with the rain sleeve on.

10) Lee Filters cloth
I keep at least two of these in my bag at all times. One gets used on location if the filters get rain/seaspray on them. I know that it’s not ideal to clean filters on location, but the reality is that it’s sometimes needed. I just make sure that there is no sand/salt residue on the filter and then breath on the filter to create a bit of fog and wipe clean with the cloth. The second cloth is only used on clean lenses or filters. I like to keep the filter cloths separate and in individual, clear ziplock bags. I've used multiple different cloths over the years and find the Lee ones to be by far the best. They wash really well and clean filters easily wthout leaving smears.

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